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I love to point out the humor in life's drama. As an artist, my goal is to have you carry laughter with you. Laughter is a smile with the volume turned upit’s the fireworks of the soul. It makes life a brighter place. Being happy is fun!


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A Collection of Funny Greeting Cards
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I'll soon be launching my 12 book series as the second step.  I appreciate your support!


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Buckminster Fuller believed strongly that one man can make a difference.  He used the analogy of a “trim tab”—a small mechanism that can change the course of an enormous ship or aircraft.  On his grave is written "Call Me Trim Tab."


Children need hope. The Big Happy Alligator Alley project is about leaving something beautiful for future generations. 


The man who made Disney's licensing famous was once my mentor. I understand the tourist industry. I've designed for theme parks in the past. Eco tourism is currently growing at a much faster rate than regular tourism. The end goal of this project is to tap into this positive trend—to purchase reclaimed land for the purpose of creating Adventure clubs and Eco theme park sanctuaries. Funding for ongoing acquisition will be created by licensed product merchandising once the project is fully underway. Everyone talks about leaving a better planet for our kids—Let's also leave better kids for our planet.             


Wild Things Happen in Alligator Alley! My first series is about the Everglades and the Gulf of Mexico. The area hangs precariously perched on the edge of our day to day world. It’s one of the most unique environments on the planet—many threatened and endangered species live there—it's a place of wonder. Ground waters released from aquifers sustain thousands of Ecosystems. They ripple through places with romantic names—Lake Okeechobee, Paradise Key, Flamingo, Shark Valley, the Gumbo Limbo Trail and Ten thousand Islands. It’s the stuff of legend and home to a cast of lovable, colorful characters. In this series children will be introduced to Gators asleep in their Gator holes, bright pink Spoonbills, the Florida Manatee, Cuban Tree Frogs, Panthers, Indians and Mermaids. Each character has their own ‘big story’ and each story deserves a happy ending. 


"We will be known forever by the tracks we leave." is a Native American proverb. Traditional ideas for the protection of wild places are becoming unrealistic. Earth was created for all life, not just human life. The earth is the greatest classroom we have. 


The first step is to obtain sufficient funding to  bootstrap phase 1 which is the initial ‘Go-To-Market’ phase. I have created a large series of Cards which include humor, art and a message to consider our planet and the inhabitants; especially the ones who can’t speak up for themselves. The card backs will act as ongoing marketing for the project.  Over the past several years I have also completed 8 of the first set of 12 books as well as toy prototypes to further the goals described above.

This project is centered around my love for the environment.

Phase 1: Includes the release and marketing of the greeting card line.  Proceeds from subsequent sales will fund phase-2, which when launched, will run in parallel.

Phase 2: Release and marketing of the Alligator Alley book series and movie. I've already written and illustrated eight of the books in my 12 book series. They are ready to go.

Phase 3: Theme Park Sanctuaries (once this series gains popularity, I hope to attract partners who will develop Eco Tourism ‘Theme’ Parks). The Big Happy Adventure Clubs will reintroduce children to nature.

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